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Sliding Barrier RS 1007-3
Model: RS 1007-3
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Band: RS Security
Drive Motor: DC Brushless
Design Size: 1200*330*980mm
Housing Thickness: 1.5~2.0mm(Optical)
Tech Date

Retractable RFID Card Speed Barrier Gate System

Full Auto Speed Gate Turnstiles Description:

Automatic Speed Gates Barriers full body product of 304 stainless-steel,it(Speedlane)consists of mechanism,electric circuit ,wing,sensors,motor,led lamp and so on.Upgrading product of flap barrier,the wing height as much as 1400mm from ground,anti crawling ,anti-climbing.Mainly used   in high safety places ,with commonplace fire interface,wing open for evacuation even power is just not lower off when hearth alarm triggered memory will be set,swipe card several occasions for group transit pace,wing color,casing measurement and sensor number will be custom-made.

Access Speed Turnstiles Barriers Features:

Reliable movement design, the change gate is delicate and silent, and there's no mechanical friction. Clean operation and lengthy service life; wing gate(Full Height Speed Turnstiles Gate):

1. Super shiny flashing route indication.

2. Reliable movement design, the swap gate is smooth and silent, and there is no mechanical friction. Smooth operation and lengthy service life.

3. Assist as much as 32 units of infrared radiation gadgets to prevent pedestrians from coming into the passage illegally and ensuring the secure passage of pedestrians.

4. The wing gate(Remote Control Speed Turnstile Barrier) has dependable safety safety measures and a 4-fold anti-pinch design.

A, infrared anti-pinch;

B, go course of logic anti-clip;

C, resistance return;

D, mushy door physical anti-pinch.

5. After the wing door is impacted, it(Full Height Speed Gates) can still be mechanically reset and defend the movement.

6. Using advanced digital sensor, the motor supplies 720 signal monitoring per revolution, which meets the requirements of fast starting and stopping of the motor.

7. The Full Height Speed Gates can be customized by the debugging software program. Fast switching door speeds of as much as 0.3 seconds enhance the speed of personnel.

8. Unauthorized personnel enter the channel, or pedestrians enter the channel in the opposite direction, effective alarm reminder.

9. Adjustable photoelectric sensitivity to successfully control anti-tailing.

10. It(Access Sliding Door) has fault self-test and alarm prompt operate, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

11. According to hearth security design necessities, the gate will be mechanically opened in case of abnormality or emergency.

12. The ability-on wing door(Access Sliding Turnstile) is mechanically reset to the preliminary place.

13. The gate(Full Height Speed Door) has a power-on self-test, a delayed start function, and an alarm sound to forestall the electrical gate from pinching the pedestrian.

14. The operating angle of the gate(Access Sliding Turnstiles) could be customized by the debugging software program to vary the status of the hardware curing of different manufacturers.

15. The external management circuit of the primary control board of the gate(Access Sliding Doors) adopts over-voltage protection measures to make the operation of the gate safer and more steady.

16. The primary control board of the gate adopts the USB interface to speak with the LAPTOP debugging program, which is more convenient for on-web site commissioning and upkeep.

17. The primary management board of the gate supplies powerful function extension, equivalent to normally open sign input level and normally closed sign enter level.

18. Support RS485 networking to detect the operating standing of the system in real time and modify the working parameters.

19. It(Automatic Speed   Gates) could be connected to the UPS uninterruptible power provide, and there are various modes of energy failure to fulfill the wants of various locations.

20. (Automatic Speed   Door)Provide quite a lot of non-obligatory access modes, ID / IC / CPU / ID / fingerprint, and so forth. might be chosen by the client in line with their needs.