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Flap Gate RS 288Fa
Model: RS 288Fa
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Band: RS Security
Drive Motor: DC Brushless
Design Size: 1200*300*980mm
Housing Thickness: 2.0mm
Tech Date

QR Code Systems Metro Servo Motor Flap Gate Turnstiles Systems

Metro   Flap Barriers Door Decription:

This Subway   Flap Turnstile Gate is the combination of machinery, electronic, CPU control and variety of personal authentication identification technology.It may be suitable with IC card, ID card, code bar, QR Code,Face Reader,and fingerprint identification unit.RS Series Metro   Flap Barriers Gates has features of precise craftsmanship, complete functions and high technology. ItSubway   Flap Turnstiles Gate has utility in excessive class communities, clever buildings, accommodations, subway stations and so on .

Metro   Flap Doors Turnstiles Doors Features

1. The design is of integration of equipment and digital structure, with particular drive type and dependable

equipment auto locking resolution, precise worm gear, and cabinet composite construction.

2. Malfunction self-detection. Which is easy for operation and maintenance.

3. Operational mode might be set up via the constructed-in menu on the management board.

4. Flap auto reversing when assembly exterior pressure.

5. Audible and visible alarm in case of unauthorized access.

6. Auti-collision operate, the flap will keep shut if not receiving the open signal.

7. Flap work synchronously.

8.Auto reset function, after the flap open if no pedestrian passes in a fixed time, the system will

cancel the order and the auto-reset time is adjustable.

9. Flaps open when energy off, and auto-close when energy on.

10. Appropriate with numerous access management devices.

11. Pedestrian flow instructions can be single or double instructions.

12. Available for two-manner visitors lights, which might immediate the state---cross or no-entry.

13. RS232 and LAN sockets are available to connect the computer.

Security Flap Barrier Turnstiles Features:


- SUS304 stainless-steel casework guarantee long-lasting sturdiness.

- Top quality electrical elements.

Security Options

- Obstacles retract automatically during emergencies.

- Limitations retract mechanically during energy outage with battery installed.

- All easy ending. No uncovered screws.

- Ergonomic design makes card and fingerprint authentication quick & simple for users.

Built-in Reader Integration

- Access Flap Barrier Doors series is already integrated with our clients' preference for both card or fingerprint access control reader. This vastly reduces set up time & expense.

- PedestrianRetractable Flap Barrier Turnstiles collection and associated access management readers are all factory-examined previous to shipping.

- We provide true plug&play turnstiles with the bottom possible total value of ownership within the industry.


- LCD on the Servo Motor Flap Turnstiles management board, simple operation.

RS Security Co.,Ltd Sequence of elegantly designed Retractable Servo Motor Flap Turnstiles guarantee complete safety and crowd management at entrance in areas with excessive pedestrian move.Designed entirely for pedestian entrance management,it helps to regulate and safe access, allowing only one particular person through at a time.

The panels meet in the middle of the two cupboards to type a pedestrian barrier A Servo Motor Flap Gate turnstile is an aesthetically pleasing security and access contro l resolution.

Servo Motor Flap Turnstile methods-provide effective means for pedestrian movement management at entrances of excessive class communities, intelligent buildings, lodges, subway stations and different excessive level venues.