hydraulic bollards certification standards

2016-09-12 19:24 Joe from RS Security Co.,Ltd
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hydraulic bollards certification standards :

There are two international certification standards for high security anti-terrorism lifting piles:  First, the British PAS68 certification (need to cooperate with the PAS69 installation standard);  

Second, the US Department of Foreign Affairs Security Bureau DOS certification.  The 7.5T truck was tested to hit at 80KM/H, the truck was blocked in place, and the road blocker (hydraulic bollards, road pile) worked as usual.  For civil grade hydraulic bollards, although the performance is slightly worse than the anti-terrorism level of hydraulic bollards, its protective performance can fully meet the needs of civil security, and is used frequently in daily life. It is suitable for vehicle access control places with large traffic volume and medium safety requirements.

hydraulic bollard from RS Security Co.,Ltdhydraulic bollard be widely used in banks, government agencies, research and development centers, power stations, highways, industrial parks, high-end villas, high-end office buildings, luxury goods stores, pedestrian streets and other places.  

With the strengthening of the domestic anti-terrorism situation, the protection of sensitive areas of buildings is particularly important. Hydraulic bollards are being accepted by more and more users because of its many advantages such as safety and beauty. However, the practice of hydraulic bollards entering the Chinese market is relatively short, the market accumulation and feedback are small, and the demand suddenly expands. As a result, the products on the market are mixed, and it is not uncommon for the products to be shoddy. A large number of users and integrators have become victims of the profitability of some bad businessmen.