What is hydraulic bollard better than road bollards?

2016-09-12 00:00

Hydraulic bollards are facilities used to manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and differentiate roads. Stone piers are roadblocks made of granite and marble. They can also be used as traffic control tools to play a role in managing vehicle traffic. Both are channel control products, so why would the hydraulic bollards win over the stone pier?

First of all, the stone piers are familiar to everyone. Many places on the road isolation are stone piers. However, if there are special circumstances, it is not an easy task to remove the stone piers. With the development of the country and intelligence, I believe that in the near future, there will be some stone piers replaced by hydraulic bollards. This word may be very strange to many people. Because it is a new type of isolation column, let's take a look at this hydraulic bollards better than stone piers. where is it?


  First, the functional difference

Nowadays, Shidun's styles are diversified, such as flat top type, spherical shape, column type, etc. There are also plantable objects. These kind of stone piers are more beautiful, plants can bring vitality, and the ordinary stone piers appear more Vibrant. However, the stone pier does not have a power drive system, so it can only stand firmly on the street, while the hydraulic bollards can lift and lower freely. The hydraulic bollards has a hydraulic drive system at the bottom. The power is strong and the system is stable. When the vehicle passes, only need By gently pressing the remote control, the hydraulic bollards will automatically fall to the ground level, and the vehicle will pass. The hydraulic bollards will have a stainless steel chassis. Even if the large vehicle passes, it will not cause the chassis to deform and bend.

Second, strong impact resistance

The stone pier is made of granite, marble or other materials. Its hardness and weight are not as good as those of stainless steel. The ordinary impact of the vehicle is not “unrecognizable” or “silk bone”, while the hydraulic bollards can reach 8mm, so even the vehicle The malicious collision will not be terrible, and will not hit the bottom core.


  Third, the style

The style of stone piers is spherical, column-shaped, etc. There are also stone piers with carved patterns and stone piers that make stools convenient for the public to rest. There are many styles and more beautiful buildings. But you can only stand in the same place, you can't "pull out" to achieve other functions. The hydraulic bollards are also available in a wide range of styles for customers to choose from.

Fourth, the applicable place

Hydraulic bollards can be used in a wide range of applications, whether it is a highway or an airport, or a unit entrance or exit, you can use the hydraulic bollards to complete vehicle control. The high-strength frame design structure is suitable for airports, power plants, bank entrances and exits, etc. The heavy-duty frame structure is suitable for enterprises, public institutions, parking lots, hospitals, etc., and the light frame structure is suitable for scenic spots, properties, squares and other places. However, the stone pier is only suitable for traffic intersections that do not require lifting, and is smaller in scope than the hydraulic bollards