Smart AI Non-Contact Body Skin Temperature Instruments Face Recognition Camera

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Smart AI Non-Contact Body Skin Temperature Instruments Face Recognition Camera

Product Description

The fast passing face temperature detection gate(Fever Temperature Face Recognition Also Called Digital Temperature Facial Recognition,Temperature Recognition System Screen) is a temperature detection product.It provides such basic functions as face RS 8001E1 (1).jpgtemperature detection, mask recognition, member record inquiry and so on. Through face temperature detection terminal human body temperature, it can identify the normal body temperature or abnormal body temperature (higher than 37.3°C) of the passing passengers, so as to control the alarm signal.It is suitable for public places such as school, railway station, bus station, subway station, hospital, gymnasium, factory, office building and large scale activity site.
tag:Fever Temperature Face Recognition Also Called Digital Temperature Facial Recognition,Temperature Recognition System Screen

Product Functions
Product Functions
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
Basic parameters

Product Name
1 / 2.8 "progressive CMOS
Minimum illumination
0.01Lux@(F1.2,AGC ON)
Camera lens
Dual Sony 6mm lens
Screen size
8.0 inch IPS LCD screen
Day and night parameters
Wide dynamic
Digital noise reduction
Automatic regulation
Voice Announcements
Support, support abnormal temperature alarm;

Video standard
Bit rate

Product Details
Product Details
Product Characteristics
Product Characteristics
-Wide dynamic range, dual cameras, life detection, and anti-counterfeiting, completely solve problem of image spoofing in various carriers.
-Infrared temperature measurement, with accuracy of ±0.5 Celsius degree under normal environment (accuracy can reach ±0.1 Celsius degree under laboratory environment).
-Infrared imaging at night, RGB dual light supplement lamps.
-Support serial port, Weigand 26, 34 output and input.
-Adopt dynamic face detection, tracking and recognition algorithm based on video streaming.
-Support device local storage of 10,000 pictures.
Advantages of Product
Advantages of Product


Functions can be set as per actual requirements.
(i) Under fast passing mode, users can choose to open /close mask detection function.
(ii) Under facial recognition mode,users can choose to open /close temperature detection function.


Infrared temperature measuring precision ±0.5 degree centigrade, with face recognition accuracy greater than 99.9%.


Simultaneously complete face recognition + temperature measurement. The user does not need to directly contact the device, and the whole process is automatic without need of human involvement.


Automatic storage after being recorded, ready for traceable verification and convenient for confirmation and statistics of
management personnel.


Optional accessories of the product can be purchased and installed according to the application environment. Support to be mounted on horizontal surface, vertical surface, or standalone mounted on the ground, convenient for assembly and suitable to various environments.
Installation Instruction
Installation Instruction
Packing & Shipping
Packing & Shipping
During this special coronavirus period, the price and lead time are only for reference. Staff overwork but still could not ensure delivery, furthermore, price fluctuates. Therefore, it is proposed that customers consult our service staff before place an order.
Company Profile
Company Profile
RS Security Co.,Ltd Technology is an industry-leading AI R&D enterprise dedicated to research and innovation in the fields of computer vision and deep learning. We are world-class in 2D behavior recognition, facial recognition, objects segmentation & recognition, target tracking, OCR recognition, and super-resolution solutions.

Relying on the self-developed AI and big data technologies, RS Security Co.,Ltd empowers industries: from smart campus, smart park, energy industry, to smart elderly caring industry. We have enabled more people to feel the AI charm, and in the meantime taken on more social responsibilities.

With international cutting-edge research vision, RS Security Co.,Ltd has built a top research and development team, set up R&D centers in Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places, and established cooperation with hundreds of world-renowned companies and institutions such as TCL, China Mobile, INSPUR, and ARM, etc.

Questions & Answers
Q: Maximum distance the camera can work? A: 0.3-0.8, we suggest 0.5 meters as best. Q: Maximum temperature tolerance? A: Within 0.5 degrees Celsius. Q: Maximum alarm temperature? Is it adjustable? A: 37.5 degrees by default, upper and lower limits can be set manually. Q: Whether it can be used outdoors? A: Not recommended for use in environments with wind / rain and heat sources (sun, air conditioning, heating, etc.). Q: Is it weatherproof /waterproof? A: Not recommended for use in environments with wind / rain and heat sources (sun, air conditioning, heating, etc.). Q: Whether can it use the battery? A: Not supported, because often need to keep working for 24 hours. Q: Does it support fast passing that only measures temperature? A: Yes. You can only measure the temperature, or only recognize the faces. Q: What should I do if I am over 180mm tall? A: It is recommended to bend over, and the recommended mounted height is 130-140mm, (with average height of 160mm). Q: What is the way to upload pictures and information? A: Local upload (slower) or system upload and batch sync to device. Q: Supported voltage and hertz range? A: 100V-240V, 50-60hz. Q: Where is the information kept? A: Local memory and cloud background (LAN or open network). Q: What installation methods? A: Walls, turnstiles, brackets. Q: Does it support large-screen simultaneous display? A: Tablet images cannot be displayed directly on the larger screen. However, the platform software can display the same image for the tablet on the corresponding larger screen. Q: Whether it can display a high temperature or dangerous face on a large screen? A: This function can be tailored as per requirements (extra charge). Q: Does it support finding a specific group of people? A: This function can also be tailored as per requirements. Adopt different alarm sounds for different groups (extra charge). Q: Supported languages currently? A: Chinese and English. Q: Does it support one-to-many? A: Many devices can be synchronized in the background. Q: Does it support NFC module? A: Not support. Q: Whether to support IC card swiping? A: Module support can be added, but the functional rule protocol is not uniform. Q: What data dimensions can be recorded? A: Captured pictures /face pictures /recognition scores /whether temperature passes /whether temporary rules /names /person numbers /departments /post /device names /device number /device groups / capture time /creating time. Q: Is it possible to customize different data dimensions A: Extra charge as per corresponding requirements.