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Hydraulic Bollard RS 1006
Hydraulic Bollard RS 1006
Hydraulic Bollard RS 1006
Manual Bollard RS 1001-5

- Size(mm):400*400*910mm

- Raise and drop height:600mm

- Panel size:600*600mm

- Bollard diameter:168/219(standard)/275mm

- Thiceness:6mm  


Hydraulic Bollard RS 1001-5
Hydraulic Bollard Supplier_RS Security Co.,Ltd

Hydraulic Bollards

The automatic lift road pile adopts an integrated independent power system, which is easy to install, easy to maintain and low failure rate.Collision type lifting road pile has exclusive anticollision structure design, more than 6 mm thick wall cylinder and double resistance to pile into guide system could be used to provide a stronger ability to resist against and give very good security.Before each device leaves the factory, there are 24 hours of uninterrupted work test, to ensure that the failure frequently rises and falls.

Hydraulic Bollard System

The automatic Bollard is an electric-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.

The system can be quickly and easily operated. It is suitable for both security and access control aplications.The system is designed to bring desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. The system is designed to withstand impacts and still operate, giving high security levels to all sites. It is ideal for university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, government buildings, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

Control method:

Control mode: wireless remote control, cable button operation, power failure manual      emergency reduction,bluetooth control, remote control (limited to mainland China) and smart phone control.

Emergency measures: backup EPS emergency power/open manual switch can be reduced.

Drainage pattern: natural seepage/automatic drainage system.

Hydraulic Bollards Manufacturer_RS Security Co.,Ltd

1.Durable,Overload,Operate Smoothly,Low Noise,Fast speed up&down

2.Micro-control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable, Easy integrate to other systems

3.Compatible with road barrier,Turnstiles and other access system control to achieve automatic control

4.Advanced Hydraulic pressure technologies

5.Remote control system realize wireless control up&down  within 30 meters range

6.Customized for different users requests

7.Manual control hydraulic system devices

8.Swiping card system: built-in card reader to control bollards up&down

9.Road barrier integrate with Bollards : built-in access control realize road barrier, A/C and bollards in one-card

Rising Hydraulic Bollard Factory_RS Security Co.,Ltd

Name Description
Manul type Bollards

Bollard Body size: 600*133mm                      

Undergrand size: 800mm

Semi-automatic Bollards                

(pneumatic Bollards)

Bollard Body size: 600*168mm                            

Undergrand size: 800mm

Bollard Body size: 600*219mm                                    

Undergrand size: 800mm

Automatic Hydraulic Bollards (all in one type)

Bollard Body size: 600*219mm                                          

Stell Thinkness:  6mm                            

Undergrand size: 1130mm

Bollard Body size: 600*275mm                                          

Stell Thinkness:  8mm                                                          

Undergrand size: 1130mm

Control System

Automatic Hydraulic Bollard Factory_RS Security Co.,Ltd

Q: How is the company's strength?

A: 3 factories, 1 office building, 6 domestic agent points, 1 foreign agent point, 30 research and development team, 180 employees.

What are your production equipment?

Laser cutter machine,impact molding machine,polishing&grinding machine,filament drawing


Q: How is the quality of the company's products?

Industry quality is the most cost-effective. The product case is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel and has a thickness of 2.0mm . In 2014, our turnstile passed CE, SGS, FCC, Rohs and many other certifications, 2018, our turnstile Gate,hydraulic bollard,road blocker has passed ISO9001 certification.

Q: How is your price?

Our price is the most cost-effective in the security product, the price is absolutely satisfactory, the pure stainless steel lock is used at the connection between the brake lever and the turntable.Head welding, tripod turnstile and full height turnstile with built-in hydraulic damping for reduced noise. We also have a unique essence Welding, fine grinding on both sides of the process.

Q: How long is your product warranty?

5 years (calibre) free warranty service

3 years cost maintenance service

Lifetime free technical support service

Hydralic Bollard RS 1001-3 PDF

Hydralic Bollard RS 1001-3 PDF



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