Access AI Non-Contact AI Thermal Temperature Controller Face Recognition Camera

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Thermal Imaging Long Distance Human Temperature Checking Face Recognition Tablets

Data upload

Accurate temperature measurement
Multi way installation
Voice broadcast temperature
Rapid passage

Product Description

It(Human Temperature Checking Face Reader)supports high- definition face warehousing, body temperature detection through face 1:n recognition or body temperature detection through human ID 1:1 recognition, body temperature alarm, real-time upload platform for personnel access and body temperature detection information; unattended, contact free mode, which can achieve more secure, efficient and orderly personnel control access.;Human Temperature Checking Face Recognition --Human Temperature Checking Facial Recognition,Human Temperature Checking Face Reader, is a face recognition access management device that uses infrared thermal imaging technology for temperature detection.;Human Temperature Checking Face Recognition development:support multiple API docking for secondary development;Human Temperature Checking Facial Recognition easy to collect:no need to special equipment,mobile phone,and computer;The device terminal(Human Temperature Checking Facial Recognition) is equipped with Android system, built-in wide dynamic dual camera live anti- counterfeiting HD camera, night infrared plus positive white highlight fill light, temperature measurement module, integrated structure..

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Temperature Check Face Recognition

Specification of   AI face recognition temperature measurement

Camera resolution

200W pixels

Camera Type

binocular wide dynamic camera

Focus distance


White Balance


Fill light

LED and infrared double fill light

Screen size

8.0 "IPS LCD


800 × 1280


optional support


rk3288 quad core (optional rk3399 six core, msm8953 eight core)




Android 5.1

Network module

supports Ethernet, wireless (WiFi)


support 2.5w/4r


1 USB OTG, 1 USB host

Serial communication interface

RS232 serial port

Relay output

1 *door opening signal output

Wigan interface

1* Wigan 26 / 34 output,1* Wigan 26 / 34 input

Upgrade button

supports the uboot upgrade

Card reader


Face recognition


Body temperature detection


Temperature detection distance

1m (the best distance is 0.5m)

Temperature measurement accuracy

≤± 0.5 °C

Temperature measurement range

10 °C ~ 42 °C

Visitors model

support for normal temperature of visitors

temperature alarm


wearing masks detecting







Wall mount,vertical

Temperature Checking Face RecognitionTemperature Control Face Recognition


1.Collect personnel information in various way

It(Human Temperature Checking Facial Recognition) can collect personnel information through three ways: management end, small program and ID card swiping, and carry out face comparison and real name temperature measurement.

2.Real name information and body temperature data correspond one by one
Automatic temperature measurement with face, matching personnel information and body temperature data, real-time upload to the system platform.

3.System data can be queried and exported at any time
The temperature information data of personnel can be viewed at any time on the platform, and can be quickly exported to form a table, which can be used for temperature data work report.

4.This is a holistic solution
From hardware to software, from small program to equipment to platform, it can be rapidly deployed to build a complete set of solutions for customers, and realize management data and intelligence.

Temperature Detection Face RecognitionTemperature Detecting Face RecognitionTemperature Controller Face Recognition

Detailed Images

Small size, small package, low shipping cost!!

Temperature Detector Face Recognition

Tilt angle adjustable, meet   the needs of different heights

Temperature Measurement Face Recognition

4 Installation Mode
Wall mount installation
Desktop installation
For gate installation
Install on floor
Temperature Meter Face RecognitionTemperature Measuring Face Recognition

Automatic alarm for abnormal temperature

If the person with abnormal temperature is recognized, the device's fill light turns red, the interface display turns red, and the voice broadcast temperature is abnormal.

Temperature Monitoring Face RecognitionTemperature Monitor Face Recognition

Dynamic binocular in vivo detection

The device is equipped with wide dynamic binocular live detection, which completely solves the deception of various photos on various carriers.

Support night infrared, RGB double fill lamp

Built in night infrared and RGB double fill light, automatic fill light during face recognition, and can recognize face quickly and clearly at night and in dark and no light environment.

The scene of temperature measurement can be photographed and saved

During face recognition temperature measurement, the equipment automatically captures the photos of the on-site personnel and uploads them to the system, which can be queried in the system.